Podcasts are like TV for your ears. They are fun and enjoyable plus Beyonce sang about them in Dreamgirls. Remember "Listen to the podcast here in my heart, a melody I started but can't complete" 

oh ya know just chatting with Black Nerd Royalty

oh ya know just chatting with Black Nerd Royalty

Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me

I was a panelist on NPR’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me where Kunta Kinte/ The treasure at the end of the Reading Rainbow that is LaVar Burton was the guest. Look how CUTE we are together!



My girls Rosie and Jackie have a wonderful podcast where they talk about whether or not they are assholes for whatever makes them happy. I talked about minding my business and watching cartoons, self-care, and gummy bears. 


All My Neighbors Are Dead

Normally I’m not into scary movies but I had the opportunity to be a guest on Detroit Bad Boy Adam Peacock's scary sensation All My Neighbors Are Dead.

Plus Peacock and I are CUTEE!

Neoscum is good. 

Neoscum is good. 


In the deepest part of my soul I am a NERD. So being a guest on Neoscum was a match made in Nerd Heaven. My character Barft VADA is a Bear Woman who is just hear to make some cash and buy jean jackets. The fandom of Neoscum is real. They’re crazy talented. Even got some FAN ART  of it. Neoscum is good.